Aluminium Rotary Furnace

Dhanvanti Engineering offers Aluminium Rotary Furnaces with capacity of 3 MT and 5 MT. It is helpful to melt all types of mixed Aluminium scrap and processing of Aluminium Dross. Useful in Aluminium Ingot and Aluminium Cube Production, we have given numerous Rotary furnaces in our nation. Rotary Furnace offers great flexibility in terms of operations, process for melting of contaminated scrap, UBC etc.

The advantages at a glance:

  • High Production Rate
  • High Metal Recovery
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Less Labour intensive



  • Fuel Used – L.D.O. / F.O. / Producer Gas/ Coal Gas / Natural Gas
  • Fuel Consumption  90 to 100 Liter. / Ton of F.O
  • Capacity – 2Ton to 5 Tons
  • Furnace Temperature:1000° C Max.
  • Melting Rate: 900-1000 Kg. / hr.
  • Mode of Charging :Manual
  • Mode of Discharging : Hydraulic Lifting Lip Axis pouring spout