Aluminium Shots Machine

Aluminium Shots is used for removing oxidation skin, burr, elimination of surface defect, removing stress etc. We offer Aluminium shots making machine with two options: Manual and Automatic. Precise shots are produced with no compromise in production volume.



Brand DE
Material SG Iron
Wt.of Notchbar 0.9-1Kg (Max)
Product Code DE-ANBC

Aluminum Granule/ Shots Machine

Auto Shot Machine is a unique metal casting system which has been purpose designed  and tested able to produce for the production of high quality small aluminum granules without tails.

Granules grading system & sorter screen can be incorporated to give the best aluminum granules possible. Contact us with your requirement and will design an auto shot machine aluminum granules production plant to suit your business.


  • Available: Manual /Semi Auto/ Fully Automatic Auto Shot Machine
  • Production Capacity: 450-500kg/Hr
  • Granule Size: 8mm-12mm
  • Power: 7.5HP
  • Area Required: 100 Sq/Mtr