Zorba Trommel Screen

Trommel is a key component of modern recycling facilities around the world.Rotating trommels are installed within metal scrap sorting line and separates the different sizes of parts that scrap possess. They have the function of separating the feed scrap in two or three different sizes. Trommelconsists different sizes of holes for screening of scrap.Perforated cylindrical drum rotates at a certain speed. Parts having sizes lower than the diameter of holes fall to the bottom of Trommel. Parts which are having sizes greater than the diameter of holes move ahead and advances to conveyor, following the rotational movement.

We offer high-strength and exclusively energy-efficient Trommel screen, where centrifugal and gravity principles are used are used to separate materials of various sizes. Our Trommel screen will provide high-quality separation of small particles from large ones. Under the force of rotation, small particlesare separated from large particles, passing through the holes.