Aluminium is one of the most recycled – and most recyclable – materials in the market today.Aluminium is like an energy bank. Once it is produced, it can be reused infinitely and producing aluminium through aluminium scrap has a very small carbon footprint.

“Recycling 1 tonnes of aluminium saves 6 tonnes of bauxites and 9 tonnes of CO2emissions. Globally, the recycling of aluminium saves more than 100 million tonnes of CO2 every year.”

Dhanvanti Engineering focuses on new technologies and developments that aluminium recycling industry needs. To provide latest solution to the industry is our prime motto.We offer Cost-efficient, energy-efficient and automated turn-key Aluminium recycling plant set up. Having the vast experience with leaders ofaluminium recycling industry around the globe, we offer tailor-made solutions consisting Aluminium melting furnaces, Ingot Casting Conveyors and allied machines.

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